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Outdoor Summer Projects? Call before you dig!

Planting trees or installing fences; even if you’re only planning to dig a few inches – be sure to call for utility locates! Gopher State One Call – 651.454.0002  Gopher State Website

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The origin of the word ‘bonfire’

With this beautiful weather we’ve been experiencing, I’m sure many of you have already have or are anticipating having a bonfire.  It’s a time to relax, unwind, and revel in the awe of being outside under the big open sky. … Continue reading

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What can I plant on or around my drainfield area?

Any shallow rooted grasses or flowers may be planted over a drainfield or mound. Avoid deep rooted plants, shrubs and vegetables over your system. Water-seeking trees such as willows should be planted far away from the drainfield area. Learn more:  … Continue reading

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